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Latest Version #

The latest build can always be found on GitHub, but we also provide a version of the library here. Further below, you can find all the previously released versions of dejavu.

GitHub Project   Download dejavu 2.0

Bug Reports 🪳 #

If you come across any bugs or have any feedback to share, please feel free to reach out to me at markus.anders (at)

Cite #

If you use dejavu in your research projects, please cite our paper from ESA 2021.

  author       = {Markus Anders and
                  Pascal Schweitzer},
  title        = {Parallel Computation of Combinatorial Symmetries},
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                  {ESA} 2021, September 6-8, 2021, Lisbon, Portugal 
                  (Virtual Conference)},
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                  Leibniz-Zentrum f{\"{u}}r Informatik},
  year         = {2021},
  url          = {},
  doi          = {10.4230/LIPIcs.ESA.2021.6},

If you use dejavu as a preprocessor (i.e. sassy), please cite our paper from SEA 2023.

  author       = {Markus Anders and
                  Pascal Schweitzer and
                  Julian Stie{\ss}},
  title        = {Engineering a Preprocessor for Symmetry Detection},
  journal      = {CoRR},
  volume       = {abs/2302.06351},
  year         = {2023},
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  doi          = {10.48550/arXiv.2302.06351},
  eprinttype    = {arXiv},
  eprint       = {2302.06351}

Here is a list of all the publications which describe the design of dejavu and sassy.

Title Description Published at
Engineering a Preprocessor for Symmetry Detection symmetry detection preprocessor (w/ Julian Stieß) SEA2023
Parallel Computation of Combinatorial Symmetries main dejavu algorithm for automorphism search ESA2021
Engineering a Fast Probabilistic Isomorphism Test individual isomorphism solver based on Monte Carlo search ALENEX2021
Search Problems in Trees with Symmetries theoretical foundations for the near-optimal Monte Carlo search ICALP2021

All releases #

Here is a list of all current and older versions of dejavu and sassy. At this point, all versions starting from dejavu 2.0 onwards neither contain the solver for individual isomorphism testing, nor parallelization.

Version Remarks
dejavu 2.0 Current version (04.06.2024).
dejavu 2.0preview2 Preview version (19.09.2023).
dejavu 2.0preview1 Preview version (13.09.2023).
dejavu 2.0preview0 Preview version (28.06.2023).
sassy 1.1 Preprocessor (included into dejavu starting from version 2.0).
dejavu 1.2 Documentation & guides on this site do not apply to this version.
dejavu 1.1 Documentation & guides on this site do not apply to this version.
dejavu 1.0 Documentation & guides on this site do not apply to this version.